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International Driving Permit Online

International Driving License Cost

Renew your International Driving Permit


ITCA decided on a discount copoun for travellers who's in need to renew his/her ITCA International Driving Document at all times.

Please contact us with your ITCA IDP along with your valid national/domestic driving license and will reply to you with the discount copoun to be used while you are submitting your application.

+Validity period means that during this period you are entitled to a free replacement in case of damage or loss. This does not include shipping costs.

According to certain restrictions imposed by American customs regarding certain countries in Africa, Middle East and Asia, the document may take a little longer to arrive;

Tracking code will be provided for Priority shipping.

The above delivery dates / times are estimates and no definite warranty is given to them. 

* Free mailed to Europe/UK by the standard postal Gov. mail - no tracking code, Some applicants reported delays and sometimes not delivered the IDP to Europe.

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